Ashe Services for Aging's Mission is to provide services, intergenerational activities, and opportunities to the elderly and disabled adults of Ashe County that enhance their dignity and help them maintain their independence at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What services do you offer?


We offer a broad range of services for elderly and disabled adults in Ashe County as well as children. Services include nurse aide services, supportive housing for persons 62 and older, congregate and home delivered meals, senior center activities, health screening and exercise equipment, intergenerational day care and respite care.


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2) How do we qualify for services?


There are different qualifications depending on which service you are interested in. Tell our receptionist which service(s) you are interested in and she will connect you with the appropriate department, which will then further explain the qualifications for services.


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3) Where can I find apartments or homes to rent even though I have a limited income?


Ashe Services offers a 24-unit apartment complex for low-income seniors age 62 and older next door to our Senior Center. To obtain more information or to have your name placed on the waiting list, please call our apartment manager at 246-9791. You can also contact the Northwestern Regional Housing Authority of Ashe County at 846-8877 or visit them at 401 Oak Grove Circle, Jefferson, NC 28640.


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4) Where can I find transportation and how much does it cost?


The Ashe County Transportation Authority provides transportation in and out of the County. Depending on where you want to go, costs will vary. Call the ACTA office at 846-2000 for more information. Ashe Services for Aging contracts with ACTA to provide shuttle services in the towns of Jefferson and West Jefferson for free. To learn more about the shuttle routes and to sign up for services call the Senior Center at 246-4347.


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5) What is the Department of Social Services phone number?


The Department of Social Services has various numbers according to department. Adult Services – 846-5719; Child Support Services – 846-5734; Food & Nutrition – 846-5719; Low Income Energy Assistance – 846-5700; Medicaid – 846-5720; and Work First – 982-7800.


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6) Do you know of anyone who could help with odd jobs around the home for seniors?


We have a couple of new programs designed to help seniors with repair and upkeep needs around the home. If you would like a qualified contractor to help with repairs call Glenda Luther, WORKMATCH representative, at 246-2461 and she will help find a contractor match according to your needs. Other odd job requests can also be made to Glenda and she will help coordinate help for your needs.


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7) How do I get to Ashe Services for Aging?


Please click on the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the page and then click on 'Directions'.


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8) How can find out if you are hiring and what positions are available?


Please contact Lisa Lambert, HR Manager, to find out if we are hiring and what positions are available. You may call our main line at 246-2461.


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9) How can I make an appointment to have my hearing aid checked?


Each Wednesday, a representative from Best Value Hearing is available to check your hearing aids. Please call the Senior Center at 246-2461 to make an appointment.


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10) Where can I go to get help paying for my fuel and electric bills?


Call the Department of Social Services Low Income Energy Assistance at 846-5700, Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission (BROC) at 384-4543, Ashe Really Cares at 846-5234, and Blue Ridge Electric at 246-7138. Also, call your local church to find out if they have any funds available to help pay for your bill.


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11) Can I call the Adult Day Care directly? Child Day Care?


Yes. The direct line for the adult day care is 246-1500. The child day care is 246-2655.


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