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Assisted Living & Memory Care

At Assisted Living and Memory Care, we exist to serve our residents and our community. We believe that supportive residential care can provide our resident’s with an improved quality of life. Our goal is to assist people in remaining as active and independent as possible by providing a compassionate, person-centered approach to caregiving.

Our care services aim to provide dignity and independence for adults 55 and older who may need assistance with activities of daily living. Aging is inevitable, and our desire is to offer guidance and support to our resident’s and their loved ones as they face this next chapter in their lives. When the time comes to leave the comfort of your home, we understand that this can be a difficult choice or circumstance. Our team is committed to providing excellent serve and we value the relationships we build within our community through these shared caregiving experiences. We genuinely look forward to providing you a secure place to call home.

We also acknowledge that each of our residents have individual preferences and interests, therefore we actively seek to honor their life experiences and backgrounds when they come to live at Assisted Living and Memory Care. Each day is a new opportunity for our residents to build friendships, enjoy engaging activities, and receive care that they know they can count on. We collaborate with our residents, their families, and healthcare professionals to create an environment that aims to improve health and overall well-being. It is our privilege to serve our community in this capacity and we look forward to serving you and your family when the time comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted living provides a supportive residential environment for older adults who may need assistance with their activities of daily living. Residents have access to certified nursing assistants and personal care staff 24/7. We provide opportunities for engagement within the community, and help prevent isolation. Many people experience improved mood or sense of well-being when they move into a community because of the relationships they make.

Activities of daily living are routine and essential aspects of self-care. These activities determine a person’s functional status and can be described as:

  • Personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, nail care, etc.)
  • Toileting (including maintaining bowel/bladder continence)
  • Dressing
  • Feeding
  • Ambulating (walking/transferring)
Please call 336-846-6200, email Piper Rowe, our Administrator at, or just come in and say hello! We are happy to support and guide you through this process. It can seem daunting, but our team has a lot of experience in the industry of senior living, and we are excited to help you find the care you need and deserve. If another level of care may be more appropriate, we are honest and happy to assist in recommending other local providers or communities.
Unfortunately, no. Many long term care policies will assist in covering the cost of assisted living, but Medicare insurance will not. We do accept Medicaid.
Rooms in our assisted living community are all private with a shared bathroom. We do offer private suites as well, which are larger in size and do have a private bathroom. Our memory care unit has shared rooms, but the full room can be rented to make a private room if that option is available and if you desire to do so.

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