Generations Adult Day Health Center

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Generations Adult Day Health Center

Generations Adult Day Health Center serves the adults of our community (ages 18+) by providing daily supports to individuals who live at home but are seeking enrichment activities and increased opportunities to socialize with others. At Generations, we offer meals and snacks that are a time of conversation and connection, medication administration and monitoring, compensatory education classes, and a variety of daily activities and community outings. We work in collaboration with families and other agencies to ensure that our adults are striving towards their own individual goals and have a rich and varied daily experience at the center. The adults at Generations are offered both informal and structured activities with the children from our co-located childcare program, providing opportunities for them to share in the child’s joy and energy and to create connections that span across the ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are open Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 5:00pm.
Any adult, age 18+, who might benefit from daily medical care, supervision, or socialization outside of their home. We accept a variety of funding sources and can explore many options to offer our care at low or no cost to families.
We have a van that provides transportation to those living in West Jefferson and some surrounding areas. For those living further away from the center, Generations holds a contract with the Ashe County Transportation Authority. Family members or caregivers who are able may also bring their loved ones to the center daily.

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